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What is there to be done when business cards are already too crowded but still don’t tell the right story about you? Gather your social media accounts & networks and showcase your biggest achievements on ConnSuite. One account to rule them all!

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Clear the social sky and boost your online presence with one account to rule them all.

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Having many accounts & networks is always good as it guarantees that you are present on all the main channels and ready to do business. ConnSuite deals with the problem of showcasing them to potential partners, fans or clients.

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Tell everyone your story in more than 3 small rows on a piece of paper.

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With a simple business card you can't say a lot about yourself. ConnSuite acts as more than that. It becomes your personal portfolio where you can showcase your projects, skills, articles or achievements.

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Build your online business book with 24/7 online access.

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As your business network grows, so will the stack of business contacts that you might need at any point in your day. Import your offline cards or request one from your partners on ConnSuite.

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How it works

Register your account

To access the full power of ConnSuite, register a new account or connect with Facebook. This way, you will be able to:

-Add your accounts & networks
-Write articles & showcase achievements
-Import offline business cards
-Request business cards from other ConnSuite users
-Improve online business presence & more

Gather all your
networks & accounts

Never worry again that someone interested in you will not be able to reach you. The more networks you add to your account, the bigger the chance of being contacted by others looking to work with your (or for you!).
Don't forget to set the most sensitive networks (such as your personal phone number) to request only ! Those will be available only to the people whose business card request your accept!

Tell your story
in your own words

Don't lose the opportunity to showcase your work & achievements. Link to your Medium article, to your Behance project or write a portfolio article here on ConnSuite, describing a project your worked on, an app you developed or something you are proud of.

Grow your online business stack

When it comes to sharing a business card, we all want to get as many important details as possible on it. Forget about this and start sharing your ConnSuite card instead!

Move all your offline cards on ConnSuite where you will have 24/7 access to them, without having to carry 1000 around with you, 'just in case'.

Any further questions? Let us help!

Send us your thoughts or check out the Frequently Asked Questions section.
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Razvan Gabriel Apostu

Hi there! ... and also thank you!

We live in a time where creating a new account on a website or social network is almost part of our daily routine. We try new things, we put our time into them and we finally manage to get so close to being present and making use of every important network, tool or social-stream out there. But when it comes to presenting yourself to a future business connection you want them to know where to find you and what your story is, without having to say too little or too much. Sometimes, a business card, or the time making a decision whether to share your Twitter account or your Linkedin one or all 100 of your other accounts is just simply not enough. With ConnSuite I wanted to tackle this small issue that could improve your business flow and also your personal one, by offering smart features you can play with, that you can use to make the process of sharing a "way to connect" smarter than before.

Thank you a lot for giving it a shot, and I hope you'll take a bit of your time to help me improve this tool and bring value to it on a larger scale! Find me on ConnSuite.

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